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Trump Tears 2016 Election

About Trump or Cry

Trump or Cry is an Entertainment News Site that keeps you up to date with all of the awesome Trump News. Donald Trump is your president so please don’t cry! Respect the president of the United States of America, Trump is doing a great job for our country. We love Trump 2020!

News Outlets are Biased

When ever you read or watch videos of news reports always remember to look into the story further. Headlines are almost always misleading! News Outlets are biased and will try to make you believe a story they are reporting on which will favor their opinions. So do not believe everything you read or watch without further investigating.

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Compare news stations you like with others you do not like and put the story together. The reason why you do not like them is because they are telling the other side of the story. You will see they all give facts but leave out parts of the story to make you lean away or towards what they want you to believe.

We all deserve to know the full story and nothing but the full story! Reporters should be required by law that they report the whole story without any opinion. This will allow the viewers to build there own opinions based off of FACT! This country has to get this fixed as we are all mislead by this Biased crap!

Look what happened in the 2016 US Elections, everyone was told by the majority of main news outlets that Hillary Clinton was going to crush Donald Trump! All of her followers thought she had it in the bag and laughed at the people who saw through it. These news outlets had nothing but fact to report on the day of election and had to paint the states RED. Yes this was a disappointment for Hillary supporters as they were lied to throughout the whole thing.

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