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AM QUICKIE: July 19, 2019 w/ Sam Seder aka @SamSeder and Lucie Steiner aka @TheSteinbag

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House Democrats warn that Ilhan Omar is in ‘imminent danger’ after Trump’s racist ’Send her back’ rally.

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Meanwhile, Trump Nominates Antonin Scalia’s Son as Labor Secretary, and—breaking news— he’s just as big of a piece of garbage as his dad was.

And lastly, it’s Biden vs Harris—Round 2!—as CNN announces their lineups for the second round of Democratic debates


Axios is reporting that John Delaney’s senior team sat him down and told him to drop out of the presidential race by mid-August. Delaney’s reportedly spent nearly $19 million as a 2020 candidate since 2017.

The House on Thursday passed legislation to gradually raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, following through on a key Democratic campaign promise and ending a six-month struggle within the caucus.

The Hill reports that the Pentagon is preparing to deploy 500 troops to Saudi Arabia amid escalating tensions with Iran.

New York Times is reporting that after years of legal wrangling, the E.P.A. will not ban Chlorpyrifos, a pesticide which has been linked to developmental disabilities.

And lastly, Five-Thirty-Eight reports that there is only one US senator more unpopular that Susan Collins and that is Senate Majority leader, and self proclaimed Grim Reaper of of all things good… Cocaine Mitch McConnell.

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