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Bill de Blasio Enters 2020 Race for President

Democratic mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, has just announced that he will be running for president in 2020. Bill is the 23rd Democrat to enter this presidential race. No sitting mayor has been elected president of the USA. With already 22 named candidates for the democratic party, this will be a tough race.

Trump Responds to de Blasio’s Announcement

Shortly after Bill’s announcement of entering the 2020 race, Trump responded with a tweet on Twitter. Donal Trump called de Blasio “the worst mayor” in the country. These are harsh words for even the President to say. Is Donald feeling the heat? Or is he just speaking the truth? This will be a great race but I do not see Donald Trump losing this one. Trump likes to Win and he’s most likely going to win 2020.

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NYC’s Mayor Will Ban Glass and Steel

Bill de Blasio’s is completely out of touch with reality. He is trying to ban glass and steel from NYC sky scrapers. Wait what? Do we have another crazy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Another crazy Green New Deal for NYC. I would like to see NY work with this law. Trump strengthens the steel industry in the US so he says you can’t use it anymore. Seems like a hater on Trump or he is just in La La land.

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