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Craig Lewis, Massachusetts Mental Health Worker, Sharing His Work Experience with US Senator Warren

In 2015, Craig Lewis, Mental Health Worker and Mandated Reporter, reported a coworkers sexual behavior with a patient in a Massachusetts Psychiatric Hospital. As a result, Craig ended up homeless and losing nearly everything he had, including his most loved best friend, a rescue, named Max the Cat. Recently, Max the Cat was spotted living on the street in Waltham, MA. Craig having been unable to obtain work, while knowing, at least some of the reasons why, upon losing his home, chose to put his trust in the Universe, put his trust in God, trust in himself and trust that the truth would someday set him free. That day is today, May 13, 2019.

Upon being referred to the State Attorney General of Massachusetts, by the office of the Senator, because this is a “legal” matter, and because her office does not deal with legal matters, I decided that I was done fighting for something so basic, so legitimate, so human…

Any reasonable human being, upon having the facts, can figure out for themselves, what is going on and I am not going to be the guy, who lives with the legacy of having his own community damaged, by going forward with the Attorney General, because of a few very “bad apples”.

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Thank God I am a delicious and sweet apple and my tree flourishes when the seeds from the “bad apples” cannot infect my roots. Today the delicious and sweet apples separate themselves from the “bad apples”.

This video offers brief a glimpse of what went down in Massachusetts. It had to be edited for personal and legal reasons and it is not a perfect edit and that is okay. There is a ton more information that is equally as nasty and wrong, however, the toxic nature of the whole experience, the gaslighting and nastiness, it all makes me physically sick, and I am done allowing myself to be made sick due to the negligence of others.

I am no longer homeless as of one week ago today. I am taking back what should have given or returned to me; my dignity.

What happened to me would destroy anyone, and I bet I am doing better than most would in my shoes. Certainly, the details shared in this video, inform the viewer as to why I may have gone so absolutely mad when seeking support and being denied it.

As mental health workers, we know there is usually a “trauma” behind the behavior.

I am survivor and I care about other survivors, therefore, I cannot cause harm for others even if they have harmed me.

I chose to walk a spiritual path and become (working on it for the rest of my life) to be the best version of myself possible.

We all make mistakes and poor choices, myself included, however, what happened in Massachusetts, is 100% wrong and while I forgive all for not knowing what they do; I need my life back and this happens now.

Obviously, there is information in this video that will upset many people and perhaps initiate all sorts of inquiries; thankfully for me, this is now someone else’s problem.

I did my job as legally required, and my head is still held as high it possibly can be.

The funny irony of this debacle, is that despite the many insidious attempts to color me as something less than honorable, it didn’t work.

I am feeling happy, well, great and beautiful and having wonderful successes training mental health workers internationally. The book I authored is now available in 8 languages and I have trained or consulted in 25 different countries, all while homeless, knowing that today would come.

For the thousands of people all over the world who have attended one of my talks, speeches, or workshop/training, and if you recall me saying “The problem with the United States is that everyone speaks English” – here in this video you now have the information why.

I have been terrified of putting this out there in the world because I thought I would be attacked for it, however, those who have not been so nice, have other issues to deal with, and I am certain the public and advocates, will safely, maturely and empathetically, mete out the justice needed and deserved.

I am not interested in receiving any more nasty messages so I am easy enough to find online without me putting my contact info here.

I thank God, and I thank every person who has done anything to support me in the past four years.

With love and honor,
May 13, 2019

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