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Did Smollett ruin #Kamala2020?

How did the Smollett Fiasco impact the momentum of the Kamala Harris presidential campaign for 2020?


Kamala Harris Reacts to Jussie SMoleett Case:

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Sen. Kamala Harris Says She Is ‘Disappointed’ Over Jussie Smollett’s Alleged Staged Attack:

Kamala Harris ‘Frustrated and Disappointed’ by Jussie Smollett Allegedly Staging Attack:

Kamala Harris on Jussie Smollett charges being dropped: ‘I’m completely confused:

Kamala Harris “Which Tweet, What Tweet?”:

For Kamala Harris a Strong Start with Some Notable Stumbles:

Kamala Harris Is Trying to Reset Her Campaign by Taking On Trump:

Mayor Pete blindsides Kamala Harris in California:

Newsom touts Harris, but says Buttigieg is ‘many people’s second choice’:

Kamala Harris wants to run the country. Can she run her campaign?

White House Hopefuls Swarm Rival Kamala Harris’ Home Turf of California:

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