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Dispatch – "Beto" [Live 18]

This version of “Beto” is off of Dispatch’s new live album, Live 18, out now on the band’s own Bomber Records. It was recorded the summer of 2018 during the band’s tour across the United States that year.

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Filmed and Edited by Mike Smith
Audio Mixed by Brett Eliason
Audio Mastered by Dave Cooley

Beto where will you go?
Beto what will you do?
Beto ah don’t you know yet,
Your time is through?

Peddling with all your guns
And all along the way
Oh what the people say
“Beto the Pure he’s near
Lock your doors get out of here!”
Get out…

Dona Maria she said to me
It’s so much more than rice and beans
Oh that I’m cooking for you
It’s how i love them true…
Bring me your brothers
Bring me your mothers
Oh the little and the broken too
I will not lead them no i just feed them
Let me be me and you be you…

I see all your lines
I see all your light

Up on the hilltop flashing lights
Up on the hilltop the barrels never lie
Up on the hill top i heard it said
In a gunshot word that Beto the Pure was dead
Still i swear i see him walking and talking there
I see him walking and talking there

I feel all your lines
I see all your light

Beto where did you go?
Beto what will you do?
Beto ah don’t you know yet
This time your eyes are new
Peddling with all your sons
And all along the way
All of the people wave
“Beto the Pure he’s near,
Unlock your doors and have no fear!”

Have no fear.
Beto la Pura.

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