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What is Fake News

Fake News

Fake news is trending for almost all of the News reported these days. The 2016 election of Donald Trump has pushed the cry baby dems over the top.

The News in this country (USA) has been twisted in every way possible to make you believe what the news station wants. Reporters are intentionally fabricating information, disseminate deceptive content, or grossly distort actual news reports.

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The term “Fake News” is most often used to describe completely fabricated stories, but can also be applied to a broader continuum of news.

​Most news outlets will exhibit some form of explicit or implicit bias while not falling into the fake news category. Assessing the quality of the content is crucial to understanding whether what you are viewing is true or not. It is up to you to do the legwork to make sure your information is good.

Leaving it up to the Audience

Headlines are almost always misleading so please read the rest of the article! Reading a headline and making judgement just makes you part of the Fake News Problem. Authors create insane headlines that are out of this world in hopes you click to read more (click bait). Clicking the headline to read the full article will explain well past the misleading headline!

There was a time where you could watch the news and believe what they were reporting, but this is not the case anymore. You would need to watch multiple News outlets and piece things together to get the full story. Turn on CNN and get get informed on half of a story, a story completely different without the other half… then turn on fox news and you will see they are reporting on the other half of the story.

Start comparing the same stories that are reported from different stations. Such a crazy world we live in today. News reporters should be reporting the whole story or they should be ban from reporting at all. United States news has always been filtered but it has become just crap, leaving the audience responsible to find out the truth.

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