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Jimmy Dore & Co.: "Who gives a **** about The Congo? [LOL]" | Left Accountability Series #3 |

[Content Warning: Political Violence] In January 2019 Jimmy Dore et al decided to release a video entitled “Cory Booker Calls For Sanctions On Democratic Party” (link below) where they laugh about Cory Booker claiming to have concerns for the people of the Congo, the preservation of democracy within the nation, and then engage in whataboutism about Booker’s apathy toward American elections, which may be true, but isn’t reflected by tweets and other rhetoric by Booker, and then proceed to make jokes about it.

Bonus: Ron Placone chimes in and declares Booker’s alleged hypocrisy “virtue signaling”, a well known reactionary buzzword. Jimmy agrees and calls it virtue signaling as well.

I’m no fan of Cory Booker, but that’s hardly the point. Jimmy Dore’s kneejerk reflex to dismiss, and moreover to MOCK, this horrible situation, that he and his crew clearly know NOTHING ABOUT, is disgusting.

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It’s possible to hold an anti-war, anti-intervention stance that has precisely the same implications toward intervention without abandoning human empathy.

Yeah, the constituency that “gives a ****” about the Congo is super tiny. We should be working to CHANGE that. Not to get us mired in military conflict, but because what’s happening there is really bad, and maybe just “giving a ****” could lead to better outcomes.

I made this months ago but decided not to upload it *for reasons*. But here it is; I hope you enjoy.

JD’s Video: “Cory Booker Calls For Sanctions On Democratic Party”

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