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Krav Maga – Bearhug From The Front Arms Free – Leverage On The Neck (Twisting The Neck Mistakes)

When defending the Bearhug from the Front with Arms Free – Leverage on the Neck (Level 2 technique) there are three common mistakes students make when twisting the attacker’s neck. This video explains what those three mistakes are and how to avoid them.

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The videos on this YouTube channel are NOT a replacement for actual instruction. They do not teach techniques, but instead isolate and fix problems within the technique or its individual components. The videos are designed to help the student who has already learned the technique under the instruction of a qualified instructor.

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Important Note: These videos are specific to the techniques and curriculum taught to the students at our facility. Students from other Krav Maga schools and organizations are more than welcome to watch and use these videos and we hope they find them useful! However, variations may be taught that are different from the techniques taught at other Krav Maga locations. This doesn’t mean one variation is wrong or the other is right. They are just variations…plain and simple. The most important question for any technique or defense should be this: Does it work for the individual who is performing it? As long as it does, then the technique or variation has merit, regardless of where it comes from! That’s the number one principle that we emphasize at our school.

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