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People of Wakefield respond to Condescending Liberal

5 responses from the audience to being condescended by Laurie Penny.
For the first time in my life, Liberal ideology & the Liberal Supremacists have lost. Their own self-evidence for being ‘right’ & ‘moral’ has been challenged. Their response has been outrage, bitterness, condescension and brutal ad-hominem attacks, perfectly displaying their belief in ‘mass intolerance’ as merely projection.

Liberals believe they are Internationalist, and the people of Wakefield are parochial. The opposite is true. Liberals are parochial believing in ‘Little Europe’, ironically a whites-only club, over an Internationalist ‘Global Britain’ outside the EU. British people are instinctively global. Our history & beliefs are shaped by having the global trading motorway of the oceans surrounding us. The restrictive European Nationalism of the Liberals have been rejected. Despite all the travelling that Liberals can afford, their city breaks have not challenged this London centric worldview.

Question Time, 1st December 2016.

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