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Fake Polls 2016 Election


Everywhere you go online you hear about poll results. Are these polls accurate you ask? They are as accurate as they could be with who they polled. If you were to take a poll of who will win the 2020 election, but everyone who took the poll was democrat, I would bet all of my money that the outcome would be democrat. Tell me I am wrong… We have all seen the misleading poll results displayed in the 2016 US elections. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win big according to the polls. In real life with real numbers Trump took the election painting most states red leaving the dems in tears. The only way to get an accurate poll is to have everyone participate. Having a poll that only includes some people will never give accurate results.

Our Polls

The accuracy of our polls are just as accurate as any other poll. Depending on who participates will predict the poll outcome and will not be a prediction of what will happen when the real election takes place. These polls are meant to be fun, so please hold your tears back if you are not happy with the results you see. You can easily change the results by participating and having others participate with the same view. Polls are for fun so please don’t cry.

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