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Ruthless Politics Podcast – Ep. # 5 | FULL EPISODE

This is the FULL & COMPLETE Episode #5. Episode numero cinco!

In this episode we talk all about the Mueller hearing in front of Congress, Rand Paul & the 9/11 responders bill, Jeffrey Epstein on suicide watch, the 2020 Democrat CNN debates, Bernie Sanders is pissed at MSNBC.

We also joke about poker with Mueller and Biden, Don Lemon’s sex life, cow tipping, Ellen DeGeneres & how women comics aren’t that funny.

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Warning! This podcast contains ruthlessly sharp political commentary! On our podcast, you are gonna get ruthless political talk for about an hour.

Listen to ‘Never Trumper’ Kid Chronic politically spar with Treez the ‘bearded Jewish MAGA Man’. and expect to hear about news, politics, current events, tech, memes and whatever else we can disagree over.

Listen to the Podcast…

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