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Trump Has Secret Plan To Dismantle Healthcare After The 2020 Election

The Trump administration is arguing in court right now that the Affordable Care Act should be completely struck down. And even though Republicans have been trying to do this for years, they actually don’t want to win just yet. Officials in the Trump administration have admitted that, if they win the court case, they will ask the court to stay the ruling until AFTER the 2020 election, because they know it’ll cost them votes. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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I know it’s hard to forget because of all of the crimes the president seems to be committing. Most of them just right out in the open now. But we also have to remember that his administration is actually still making rules and still trying to do really horrible things to this country that are not illegal and therefore unfortunately not getting the uh, air time that they deserve. And one of those things folks happens to be the fact that Donald Trump and his department of justice, along with 18 Republican attorneys general from across the United States are arguing in court that the entirety of the affordable care act should be struck down. The entire affordable care act should be gone. That is what the Trump administration is arguing in court right now for the fifth circuit. But here’s the thing, Republicans, including the Trump administration itself, according to interviews that the Washington post did with current administration officials say that they’re very worried about this court decision and that if they get the decision they want, which is that the affordable care act gets struck down, they’re going to ask the judge, the court, the circuit to a stay the ruling until you know, after the 2020 election and should they lose the court case? Obviously they’re going to appeal it, but they’re going to ask that the appeal be delayed before it goes to the Supreme court till after the 2020 election. Now, why on earth if they’d been fighting so hard for nearly 10 years to dismantle the affordable care act, would they not want to do this right before the presidential election? The answer is because they know that the public actually likes the affordable care act, as crappy as it is. Here’s the thing, folks, for a very long time, support for the affordable care act was about 50 50 on a good day, you could find plenty of polls that showed majority didn’t like it. Plenty of the show to majority did like it, but it all evened out to about 50 50 until again, year and a half, two years ago. Remember when Republicans had all their majorities, they had the Supreme court, they had the presidency, house and Senate, and they said, we’re going to repeal the affordable care act. We’re going to do this. Suddenly the public realized, especially by having all those town halls where they called out those Republicans, they realize they like it and ever since then the affordable care act has had a net positive approval rating. People like it now, but the administration, the Republicans all over the country don’t want to give up that fight because it’s a thing that Obama did. They hate Obama with a blind passion that makes no sense. So they want to get rid of it, but they don’t want to feel the repercussions of their own policies. So they want the courts to not give them a positive ruling until after they all get reelected. Then at that point to hell with everybody, we don’t care. You lose your health care. We don’t care if you can’t get covered for preexisting conditions. We’ve already admitted that we don’t have a backup plan. So yeah, oops, you’re all screwed. But we got reelected so nothing else matters. This is the plan that they’re doing right now, folks, right now. This little disgusting, deceitful plan is in motion by the Trump administration and scores of Republicans all the way from the state level to

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