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Trump suggests delaying Tokyo 2020 Olympics for 1 year amid global COVID-19 outbreak

트럼프 대통령 “도쿄올림픽 1년 연기하는 게 좋을 듯”

With the global coronavirus outbreak raging and showing little sign of slowing down any time soon,… the fate of the Tokyo Olympics slated to be held through July and August is hanging in the balance.
U.S. President Donald Trump has even waded in on the issue,… suggesting a one-year delay.
However, the head of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee insists the Games can still go ahead as scheduled.
Kim Hyo-sun has more.
President Trump has suggested delaying the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for a year as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the globe.
Speaking at the White House on Thursday,… he explained that a delay would be better than having no spectators.
“I like that better than I like having empty stadiums all over the place. I think if you cancel it, make it a year later that’s a better alternative than doing it with no crowd.”

That said, President Trump added he would not make such a recommendation to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,… saying Abe will ultimately make his own decision.
The president of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee stressed a day earlier that postponing the event is not an option.
“We are not thinking of changing directions nor changing plans at all. Everyone is moving in that direction, the flame ceremony is about to start in Greece and there is also the overall supervision by the IOC. This is a time when everyone is making effort towards that direction. There is no room for thoughts that are negative, pessimistic, or of secondary issues.”
He said delaying the Games is impossible as there is the Beijing Winter Olympics in two years and the Paris Olympics in four years.
His remarks come around a week after Japan’s Olympic minister, Seiko Hashimoto raised the possibility of delaying the Tokyo Games.
Hashimoto explained the IOC only has the right to cancel the Games if they are not held during 2020,… which she said could mean the Olympics could be postponed as long as they are still held during the calendar year.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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