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What Do Voters Know About Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren is running for President.
Warren is a liberal Senator from Massachusetts.
Currently, she is running for president of the United States as a Democratic candidate.
Two thirds of those who’d be satisfied with Warren as nominee were also satisfied with Joe Biden as nominee.
A Biden candidacy that pans out could pose a significant threat to Warren’s ability to consolidate a constituency.
According to Business Insider, 72% of likely Democratic voters have heard of Warren.
Unfortunately for the Senator, only 22 % of respondents think she would beat Donald Trump.
44% of respondents think Trump would beat Warren in the general election.
Warren is an intellectual who has plans for everything from income inequality to health care reform.
Her biggest liability is the controversy surrounding her Native American heritage.
Warren suffered a huge backlash when she did a DNA test to find to try and prove she was of Native American descent.
The test showed she may have had some Native American ancestors ten generations ago.

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